4 hours in Munich

Had a quick turnaround in Munich again before heading north.  It was so nice to be in a house where we didn’t need to lock our belongings in lockers every time we left our room, and not fighting off people with flyers for Game-of-Thrones tours.  

Began the day in Munich late, and met up with another Swattie and his girlfriend, L & H, at the science museum (Deutsche Museum).  This place is huge!  And if I had played in that physics exhibit as a kid, physics probably would have come as second nature.  

Here is L, playing Usher  on a string contraption.

There was also a special exhibit on nanotechnology, a wonderful collection of musical instruments (go midday i.e. 10:30 or 14:00 if you want a demonstration), and a walk into the past of computers.   

From Deutsche Museum's musical instrument exhibit.  A mixing console and vocoder
A mixing console and vocoder

We made our way afterwards to Marienplatz to hear the Rathaus-glockenspiel clock sing at 5 and watch the figurines.  T explained to us that the top figurines tell the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V (it included a knight joust).  The bottom figurines are emblematic of Schäfflertanz, or the cooper’s dance, something about loyalty to a Duke and a plague.  

Rathaus-glockenspiel clock
Rathaus-glockenspiel clock

Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye!  T will be spending time with family while I continue northward.  

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